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Country :Laos
City :Luang Prabang
Service :All Type
Date :20-Aug-2017
Adult(s) :2
Children :0
Total Pax :2
Your destination : Laos / Luang_prabang / All Lao Elephant Camp

All Lao Elephant Camp

Elephant Camp is undergoing developments that will improve the centers ability to care for its elephants while assisting development of mahout skills in the local communities. The camp is changing its approach to the way it handles its tourism - and endeavors to improve infrastructure and handling techniques. Part and parcel of this is improved contact and communications with Thai veterinary care centers (in particular Thai veterinarian Dr. Took of the Mae Sa Elephant Camp near Chiang Mai) who provide medical assistance and advice to the camp regarding the well-being of the elephants. Improvements to the camps elephant enclosures are also well underway. The people of Luang Prabang are more aware of the need to care for their environment, and the All Lao Elephant Camp is becoming a means for community development by providing employment to the local people as well as proactively educating them about Laos wildlife and the elephants themselves. Officials at the Camp see its future as more conservatory and educational than merely just tourism.