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Country :Laos
City :Luang Namtha
Service :All Type
Date :20-Aug-2017
Adult(s) :2
Children :0
Total Pax :2
Your destination : Laos / Luang_namtha / Namtha River Experience

Namtha River Experience

This one day boat trip takes us down the Namtha River. The boat is a traditional wooden boat of the villagers of Ban Khon Kham, one of the last villages to run these boats. We will visit three ethnic groups in the villages of Ban Mai (Black Tai), Ban Sope Dute (Lanten) and Ban Sopsim ( Khmu). The right bank of the river is the Nam Ha National Protected Area. The boat will go as far as the confluence of the Nam Ha River before turning around and coming back up river. Enjoy a picnic lunch on the banks of the river. The first village downstream is Ban Mai. Making up seven percent of the population of Luang Namtha Province, Tai Dam are a Tai speaking group whose homeland is Dien Bein Phu in Northern Vietnam. The first Tai Dam villages are believed to have been established here during the 1890s, in response to the devastation caused by marauding "Black Banner" Haw Chinese Bandits from Yunnan. Ban Sopdtut, Ban Nam Tat (Lanten): After leaving the plains, the river runs through forest-covered hills and passes several Lanten villages. Lanten people establish their villages near permanent streams and subsequently are sometimes referred to as Lao Huay, or "Stream" Lao. Luang Namtha is home to the largest concentration of Lanten villages in Laos, and counts about 4000 Lanten in its population. Like the closely-related Mein (Yao), the Lanten emigrated from China in search of stability and new mountain rice fields.